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Discover how to stay safe while having fun with G Force! Start your journey towards better personal defence with our family-friendly martial arts classes.
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How G Force helps your child to succeed


The G Force programme emphasises the importance of friendship and nurturing to help your child grow in self-assurance.

Learn Discipline

G Force Rugby allows your child to practice the art of controlling their emotions and behaviour to develop long-lasting mental and physical discipline, helping your child to make better life decisions.

Making friends

G Force Martial Arts helps to create friendships by fostering a sense of camaraderie among students and by providing a common interest and goal for individuals to connect through. The discipline and focus central to G Force also helps to build strong, lasting relationships.


G Force Martial Arts helps to create focus by teaching your child to control their mind and body through discipline and concentration. The physical movements and mental techniques involved in martial arts also help to improve overall focus and concentration.

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How G Force will help you

Stress from Work

We can all be guilty of allowing work to get on top of us. Martial arts is a fantastic way to blow off steam and relax in a fun, healthy environment.

Burn Calories

Tone your arms, legs and core with kickboxing - there's no part of the body you won't strengthen and improve.

Self-defence Skills

G Force Martial Arts helps you to develop self-defence skills by teaching you practical techniques for defending yourself in a variety of situations. The physical training involved also helps you to improve your overall fitness and strength.

Physical Fitness

G Force Martial Arts helps you to improve physical fitness by providing a comprehensive, full-body workout that engages all major muscle groups. The training methods used in our G Force martial arts programme also helps to improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

Mental Clarity & Mindfulness

G Force Martial Arts promotes mindfulness by teaching you to focus your attention on the present moment and your physical movements. The discipline and concentration required in martial arts also helps to train your mind and improves your overall mental clarity.

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G Force Martial Arts has a 25 year history of Martial Arts training excellence.

Gordon’s passion for kickboxing and training others has resulted in the production of world champion kickboxers, as well as the development of fitness training, family sports, and children classes.

Today, the focus of the G Force service and provision is to fulfil the clubs mission of ‘developing champions for life’. In alignment with Gordon’s values, vision and mission, G Force aims to offer the support and development of Martial Arts and associated life skills to as many people in the Warwickshire area as possible, including the provision of character development skills and curriculum programmes for children, and fitness, skills and curriculum programmes for adults.

G Force is built on a foundation of community and of family, and is an entirely all-inclusive membership based club that welcomes anyone wishing to embark upon a journey in Martial Arts, no matter their background, abilities or challenges. It also employs a team of instructors and support staff, and successfully runs both a youth leadership training and development and an adult instructor training programme.

Gordon Burcham

Owner of G Force Martial Arts Rugby

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Whether you're looking for a sports activity for your child or an alternative to a regular gym for yourself, G Force has the perfect class!Martial arts is unlike any other sport because at its core is a focus on personal development, confidence building and well-being. Anyone can begin martial arts, at any age and at any fitness level, all you need to do is start!Start your martial arts journey now!
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